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Jesus: The Good Shepherd

John 10: 11-15 The SHEEP adorns the landscape rural, and it’s both singular and plural – It gives grammarians the CREEPS, to hear one say, “A flock of SHEEPS.” (Ellis Parker Butler, American Poet, 1869-1937) That has nothing to do … Continue reading

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Clever Footwork from a Backpedaling Scoundrel

Luke 16:1-9 Have you ever found yourself in a position that calls for you to give an immediate response to something your unprepared to answer? Yeah, me too. That instantaneous firing of the synapses to recall an answer or come … Continue reading

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Where’s Your Treasure?

Matt 6:19-21 Have you heard about the guy who went into his boss’s office to ask for a raise? He said all he was asking for was a chance to prove that money wouldn’t make him happy. Now we may … Continue reading

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Redeeming the Time

Eph 5:15-16 Where has the time gone? That line, uttered through the lips of parents, is in response to the realization that the baby that once bounced on their knee and dependent upon them for survival is now ___ years … Continue reading

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